Pietragrande by night

We devote a special page over time, as well as to the principal activity of the beach, the resort became known for evening entertainment.

Local historian, over the years it has hosted major international events and internationally, including Céline Dion, Sandy Show, Chitra, Roki Roberts, Patty Pravo, Fabrizio De Andrè, Gino Paoli, Mia Martini, Loredana Bertè and, for an entire season, Toto Cotugno, with his band of then “Toto and Tati”.

Over the years it was the turn of 80 conductors of popular Radio DJ: Gerry Scotti, Linus, Albertino, Amadeus, Mila, Kay Rush, Fiorello, guest twice. Not forgetting the Dirotta su Cuba, Marina Rey, Angelo Branduardi, Gemelli Diversi and international DJs David Morales and many others.

In the years of disco music, Pietragrande has marked its history.

Still imprinted in the collective imagination of the unforgettable inaugurations, the 20 and older editions of the night, the night of the flowers, the feast of the assumption with us, Horror and at the end of the season the historic farewell to summer with the traditional bonfire on the beach and waiting all along the Sunrise next to the rock. Without forgetting the different editions of “us”, the evening has become in recent years a must this summer.

There were the times of “Caligula” and later of “Pietragrande” Cliff, “Babylon”, “Privilege” and “Pietragrande” Cliff this year promises more special nights that will help keep Pietragrande inside the hearts of the people of the night.

And the story continues …