About us

A beach nestled between the rocks: Pietragrande, about ten kilometers from Catanzaro Lido and Soverato, for over 45 years from seven is known as a seaside resort and tourist center of the highest caliber.

The structure has the singularity of falling back halfway between the city of Buenos Aires and the municipality of Stalettì, in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region. It is easy to reach out to the junction of Hwy 106 and following directions to Pietragrande.

The bathing establishment, also known as the “Pietragrande Reef”, is the perfect place for family holidays.

Special attention is dedicated to children, for whom there are several beach games. But even the guys are fun and sports opportunities ranging from jumping in from characteristic rock-cliff, to scuba diving, water polo and, for everyone, two days per week of animation.   There is the assurance of a warm and friendly welcome.

The quiet on the beach is guaranteed by the staff, always available to the customer, in addition to the considerable distance between the umbrellas.   Bathers ‘ service there is a snack bar with cold dishes, salads, sandwiches, cocktails, etc. For those who prefer a lunch of fresh fish, the alternative is the restaurant on the roof terrace of the Lido.

The stretch of sea between Copanello and Pietragrande, represents a route very scenic. After sixty kilometres of sandy coastline (from Le Castella in Squillace), begins a spectacular cliff, rich in creeks (some reachable only by sea) with blue-turquoise coloured water degrading broke, marking a stunning location for six kilometers until our Pietragrande, where he finished the cliffs and stretches a long sandy beach on which stands the bathhouse.

The name Pietragrande is due to the characteristic rock that rises in the middle of the sea, up to about 13 meters. A real attraction for dive enthusiasts who have a chance to perform in spectacular jumps. For two years, thanks to this feature that made famous the Lido and which earned him the combination to the features cliffs of Acapulco Cliff diving world championship race was held in great heights, televised live nationally by Rai.

The particularity of the clean sea, rocky coves and the seafloor, make the area suitable for those wishing to practice diving.

The place is also recommended for lovers of night life for the presence of a splendid open air Disco that, a few years ago, was defined by Fiorello la piu ‘ bella in Italy.

Very characteristic is the restaurant-pizzeria located on the Lido deck. A romantic and charming landscape is the backdrop to a wonderful evening that offers local, appreciated for its excellent cuisine and the delicious pizza.

The history

Pure intuition pietragrande comes from.

In an Easter Monday in the early 60 ‘s, the brothers Aversa, crossing the old road to Copanello, noticed this beautiful stretch of sea particularly busy despite being entirely devoid of any accommodation, thus was born the idea to give rise, in that enchanted place, a lido.

In 1965 he built the first shack on the beach intended to expand and transform itself, partly as a result of the frequent storms that erode progressively the sandy surface, at times, have had a destructive force that may require a complete reconstruction.