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SPORT / Not to forget Monica, the 20 and 21 August XXV Memorial Aversa

Sunday 16, August 2015 / 15:43
A Pietragrande a water polo tournament and Friday swimming competitions, and ending with the traditional display of diving from high rock 13 meters

Not to forget Monica, the 20 and 21 August XXV Memorial Aversa
The 20 and 21 August, at the Lido Pietragrande , It will take place on "Memorial Monica Aversa". The event, come to the XXV edition, It provides a water polo tournament Thursday and Friday swimming competitions, and ending with the traditional display of diving from high rock 13 meters.

The event was created in memory of Monica, just twenty years failed as a result of a road accident. They are in many, who knew and loved, and that every year participate with passion to the success of an event full of life and healthy competition.

Monica was a special girl around. The idea to remember with this event is linked to his passion for diving from the rock Pietragrande. There are those who still remember quand, since the age of 12 age, He began experimenting with his skill and his extreme courage, realizing dips in pike from the highest peak nothing short of perfect.

Every year we always add new amici.Quest'anno two days of water sports is organized in collaboration with UISP League Swimming Calabria, and territorial Committee UISP Catanzaro, and count the participation of athletes from ASD NuotatoriKrotonesi, ASD Atholon 2000, ASD Sportinsieme, addition to the inevitable, valuable, friends forever.

In a sort of pool, mounted in the body of water of Lido di Pietragrande,

in addition to the tournament with mixed teams to five, Expectations are very traditional swimming competitions, 25 and 50 m freestyle.

It begins with the mini class swimmers, small children who, with the aid of any means -braccioli, donuts, Stick- will make mid-term to earn their medals. Then you go to the actual races, with non-agonists by swimmers 7 and up, with the official guaranteed by provincial delegates of the Italian Federation Timekeepers.

The final exhibition, breathtaking especially when the "mass dive", the plunge performed simultaneously from the highest peaks of the rock by Marco Fois, Paolo Atzeni and Domenico Iannone.

The award ceremony will take place on the evening of 21 August at 18.30 at the Cliff Pietragrande. In the first place team of Water Polo will receive a trophy offered by the Province of Catanzaro. While the swimmer will have the fastest time will receive the "Premio Monica Aversa", a creation of the goldsmith Michele Entrusted teacher who wanted to offer her loving contribution to the family.

During the evening there will be a tasting of a new ice cream flavor, created for the occasion by the provincial delegate of the International Federation pastry, gelateria, chocolate, Roberto Fregola of Tiramisu.

During the ceremony will be held the exhibition "The sea takes, the sea makes ", by Antonella Abbruzzese. The artist catanzarese, with his works will make a fabulous tribute to the history of the Pietragrande Lido which this year celebrates,it 50 age!

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