Diving and swimming events to remember Monica

In the waters off the shore of Pietragrande, now from 1991, every year there is the ” Memorial Monica Aversa”, which provides for swimming competitions and water polo athletes and amateurs as well as spectacular displays of diving from the rock.
The traditional trophy of the Sea was established in memory of Monica, torn affection of his loved ones after a terrible car accident, when he was only 21 age.
From the waters of the sea, one in which he lived the best moments of his life, friends who have so loved and all those who have learned to know through this wonderful event, every year they send an affectionate greeting.
The sporting event, organized by Professor Andrea Smiraglio with the help of Professor. Emanuele Biafora and with the valuable contribution of the Provincial Judges Association timekeepers, Professors Umberto Conforti, Russian Guild and Richard Elia, provides moments of healthy athletic competition for swimmers and water polo players in addition to the pure spectacle offered by divers, per l’occasione, perform with exceptional launches from the characteristic thirteen meters tall rock.
This is the most beautiful moment the two-day sport, also because it was the favorite discipline by Monica that many remember, cheerful and brave, challenge the height of his rock to make great dips, were still etched in the minds of all those who have been able to admire. Among these was Marco Fois, Italian champion, author of the traditional New Year's dip into the Tiber from Ponte Cavour. Marco returns every year to perform from the rock Pietragrande to witness the great friendship and affection that binds him to Monica and family Aversa.
This is an event that reminds Monica to how he lived his short life, full of good feelings, joy of life and joy.
The best way to remember our angel.
Monica e’ always remain in our hearts. His passionate vitality’ and energy are with us as if time had never passed and will remain with us forever.
Also this year, therefore, Everyone is invited to take part in the Memorial, including the tiny swimmers in the grass, allowed to participate with fins, armrests, ciambelle e quant’altro.
All participants receive a souvenir of the Memorial and the awards ceremony ends with the delivery of the “Trophy of the sea Monica Aversa”.
Registrations, completely free of charge, can be obtained from the case of Pietragrande beach or at the address at the Lido.
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