Chronicle, Results and photos of the 23rd Memorial Monica Aversa

PIETRAGRANDE - It 's the catanzarese Clare Castiglione, class 1998, the winner of the XXIII edition of the Memorial "Monica Aversa", the non-competitive water sports, organized by the 1991 from the family to remember Monica Aversa, disappearance only 21 age, following a road accident.
Clare, therefore, after two years of domination by the Roman Federica Battle, won the last two editions of the Memorial, has written his name in gold trophy sea. A lot of news inserted by the organizers for this year. Innovations that have come to enrich the program of the second day, we had started, on time, to 10,30 batteries with the exciting swimming reserved for smaller. More than thirty little swimmers who have registered to participate, to the delight of parents who have materially supported in the hot race. To follow all the batteries of the other categories reserved for swimmers.

Particularly given the cross-country race "La Pergola Lido Lido Pietragrande", returned to the program since the last edition of the Memorial, after a year's absence and won by Fabrizio Tigani Sava, in the male category. While among girls, s first touch to the finish line on the beach of the Lido, Clare still Castiglione that preceded Eleanor Capenni and Silvia Esposito arrive, respectively, second and third.
Among the new features included in the program by the organizers, also a demonstration – by the Italian Swimming Federation - Section Rescue – Lifeboat and resuscitation with the use of the defibrillator and a demonstration of unblocking the pediatric airway. A simulation which was attended by the regional manager of FIN, Augustine Orlando and the specialist medical emergency-urgency, Doctor Marco Squicciarini.
Like every year, at the conclusion of the morning, was the performance of the divers to attract the attention of guests at the Lido Pietragrande and tourists who participated in the Playground.

Three athletes who were thrown from the rock symbol of the seaside resort: Marco Fois, Italian champion and author of the usual New Year's plunge into the Tiber from Ponte Cavour, Paolo Atzeni and Roberto Buccheri.
In the evening, on the disco "The Cliff" Pietragrande, the award ceremony with the presentation of “Trophy of the sea Monica Aversa”, of the cups to the winners of various specialties and medals to all participants. An appointment which did not want to miss the Special Commissioner of the Province of Catanzaro, Wanda Ferro, friend of the family has always Aversa and Monica in particular.
"An appointment, the trophy of the sea that Monica Aversa, in addition to keeping the memory alive in all of us Monica is a strong message to spread the culture of sport in boys. A discipline that teaches the rules of respect for others and healthy competition ".
At the end of the event the Aversa family thanked the professor Andrea Smiraglio for their contribution to the organization, referees of the meetings and Emanuele Biafora Simonluca Iorfida and the judges of the Provincial Committee of Catanzaro Italian Timekeepers Federation: Umberto Conforti, Russian Guild and Richard Elia.

On the first day of competition, reserved for the water polo tournament, were boys dell'Alyce Sports Lodi (Milan) to win, for the second year in a row, the finals of the water polo tournament at Memorial Monica Aversa.
Nothing could opponents of the Water Polo Company that, with this defeat, you are pretty view miss the opportunity of returning the blow suffered last year, considered that the two teams were the protagonists of the final in the last edition. There are six teams that participated in the tournament: Blu shark, Isca ISR, Alyce Sport, Brutus Pampero Eagles, Athlon Isca e Water Polo Company..
The regulation, as every year, included two groups of three teams each with cross-dating. In finale (as already anticipated) came the formation of Alyce Sports and Water Polo Company.
3 a 1 the end result that has dominated the team Lombard (but of Calabrian origin – specifically of Petrizzi) on the one composed of athletes from Naples. In the second final, played for the assignment of the third and fourth, victory of the Athlon Isca sull'Isca for ISR 1-0. Fifth placed team of the Blue Shark, sixth that of Pampero Brutium Eagles.

Final Standings: Swimming - Category Bianchini (female): Maria Laterza, Clare Rosano, Giulia Medea; (male): Philip Mastroianni, Thomas Catanzariti, Philip Catalano. Category mullets: (male) Gerardo Zazzaro, Andrea Rosanò, Domenico Giampà, Francesco Catanzariti; (female) Martina Rotundo, Jade Catherine Cosco, Elizabeth Giampà, Alessandra Iuliano. Category Dolphins: (male) Richard Richiello, Louis Brescia, Tommaso Mirarchi; (female) Clare Castiglione, Federica Battle, Pamela Santoro. Category listing of Sharks: (male) Rino Smiraglio, Fabio Pate, Vincenzo Varzi; (female) Flavia Smiraglio, Anna Aulicino, Carmen Ferraiolo. Categoria Tonni: (male) Fabrizio Tigani Salvador, Marco Ali, Antonio Paciolla; (female) Eleanor Campenni, Clare Caglioti. Category Whales (male): Gaetano Lombardo. Water polo: 1Alice-ranked 2nd place Sport Water Polo Company.

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