XXII Memorial “Monica Aversa” 2012

CHRONICLE / It was concluded the memorial Monica Aversa

In the archive of the XXII edition of watersports
Sunday 19 August 2012 – 9:27
CatanzaroInforma.it: Si è concluso il memorial  Monica AversaCatanzaroInforma.it: Si è concluso il memorial  Monica Aversa

Federica Battle, Roman, class 1999, is the winner of the XXII edition of the Memorial "Monica Aversa", the non-competitive water sports, organized by the 1991 from the family to remember Monica Aversa, disappearance only 21 age, following a road accident.

Federica, therefore, at a distance of twelve months, repeating the success of last year and enters, strongly, in the golden trophy of the sea. The second day of competition began, on time, to 10,30, batteries with the exciting swimming and spectacular performances of the divers.

Three, year, athletes who are thrown from the rock symbol of the beach resort: Marco Fois, Italian champion and author of the usual New Year's plunge into the Tiber from Ponte Cavour, Paolo Atzeni and, first, from the semi-top of the rock, the young Domenico Iannone.

Particularly compelling race also for fund-Lido Lido La Pergola Pietragrande, that is returned to the program of the memorial after a few years of absence.

Ten participants in the race. The first to reach the finish line was Gabriel Costanzo, followed by Giancarlo Constantine and Carloandrea Puoti.

To report, the reserved area to the organizers and timekeepers, the presence of the Greek professor Gori, creator of the games at the historic Lido Pietragrande that already four decades ago he organized the first memorial Paul Caroleo, said that for about eight editions.

At the end of the event, in the evening, on the disco "Privilege" Pietragrande, the presence of the President of the Province, Wanda Ferro, the awards ceremony with the presentation of “Trophy of the sea Monica Aversa”, of the cups to the winners of various specialties and medals to all participants. "Today is the twenty-second birthday as if festeggiassimo Monica - said Wanda Ferro turning to family Aversa -. A girl who will always carry in our hearts ".

Final Standings: SwimmingCategory Bianchini (female): Aurora Urizio, Giulia Papini, Nicole Benincasa; (male): Roul Hernandez, Umberto Mazzei, Rosario Ferragina. Category mullets: (male) Richard Richinello, Carloandrea Puoti, Davide Madeo; (female) Federica Battle, Martina Guariglia, Serena Mirante. Category Dolphins: (male) Gabriel Costanzo, Mattia Zoffoli, Domenico Iannone; (female) Standard Benincasa. Category listing of Sharks: (male) Rino Smiraglio, Luca Lanzetta, Roberto Totino; (female) Flavia Smiraglio, Susanna Lula, Clelia Lula. Categoria Tonni: (male) Paolo Atzeni, Giancarlo Constantine, Eugenio Daniele. Category Whales (male): Enzo Mirante, Gaetano Lombardo, Alfonso Richiello. Water polo: 1Alice-ranked 2nd place Sport Water Polo Company.

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