memorial 2011- swimming competitions


PIETRAGRANDE OF STALETTI ' – Still a Roman on the highest podium of the XXI Memorial Monica Aversa, the non-competitive water sports organized by the Aversa family and sponsored by the Provincial Administration of Catanzaro, set up in the mirror of water in front of the beach of Pietragrande, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian coast of Catanzaro.

After Giovanna Battaglia (17) winner of the 2010, Federica is Battle (12) to win the edition number twenty-one. Romana, twelve years and a lot of passion for the sea. The same passion that led her to win a trophy over the years become a symbol of summer Catanzaro. "I'm happy with this victory. One more reason to remember this holiday in Calabria. I'll bring in Rome an unforgettable memory for the great adventure and I wrote my name in gold in the Memorial dedicated to Monica ».

Le gare, started on Saturday morning with the usual water polo tournament, had concluded on Saturday morning with the swimming competition and exhibition of divers that are started from the highest platform of the rock symbol of the beach resort. Marco Fois (Italian champion and star of the Tiber River from the Cavour bridge dip in the morning of New Year) and Paolo Atzeni, wowed the audience with their spectacular stunts.

Particularly exciting also the performance of the little swimmers that, with donuts, jackets and armrests, they have spurned the help of parents to be able to cross the finish line.

Around 12,30 the attention was all for Enzo Palmisciano, star of the swim across the Bay dell'Ippocampo. Party around the 9,10 from the beach in front of the sailing club Soverato, Palmisciano arrived at the Lido Pietragrande after 2h and 10 '. At one time much lower than that recorded in the previous edition. "A crossing - said Palmisciano - well he deserves more attention. Would be the case, for next year, promote this initiative by giving attention also at national, if only for the tranquility of the bay and the beauty of the seabed that are observed during the crossing ".

In the evening, on the disco "Privilege" Pietragrande, the award ceremony with the presentation of “Trophy of the sea Monica Aversa”, of the cups to the winners of various specialties and medals to all participants. Exceptional godmother, President of the Province of Catanzaro, Wanda Ferro.

Final Standings: SwimmingCategory Bianchini (female): Caterina Ernandes, Serena Mirante, Veronica Sgro; (male): Daniele Furriolo, John Multari, Robert Ferrara. Category mullets: (male) Richard Richiello, Carlo Andrea Puoti, Modeo Davide; (female) Federica Battle, Julia Colella, Giulia world. Category Dolphins: (male) Fabrizio Tigani Salvador, Luigi Colella, Giuseppe Ranieri; (female) Rosamaria Viterbo, Giovanna Battaglia. Category listing of Sharks: (male) Rino Smiraglio, Roberto Smiraglio, Bruno Sinopoli; (female) Flavia Smiraglio, Susanna Lula, Bruna GAUDIOSO. Categoria Tonni: (female) Veronica Constantine, Matilde From Hachler; 8male)Giancarlo Constantine, Eugenio Daniele, Joseph Sestito. Water polo: 1Lido di-ranked Pietragrande, 2The Nameless-ranked.

For the organization of the event would like to thank Professors Andrea and Emanuele Smiraglio Biafora and timekeepers of the provincial section of the FIC (Italian Timekeepers Federation), Umberto Conforti, Gilda Russo, Riccardo and Marco Elia.

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