memorial 2011- water polo tournament

The team 'The cliff’ the water polo tournament at Memorial Aversa Alla squadra 'La scogliera' il torneo di pallanuoto del Memorial Aversa
Saturday, 13 August 2011 10.40
The team ”The Cliff won the water polo tournament on the first day of games of the XXI Memorial ”Monica Aversa’, the traditional trophy sea organized by the Aversa family to remember her daughter Monica, who tragically died just 21 age, as a result of a terrible car accident. Two days of swimming competitions and water polo, but also dips and the exciting crossing of the Bay dell'Ippocampo, the ”marathon swimming’ that, starting from the Beach Sailing Club Soverato (The departure is scheduled this morning at 9,30 about), arrive on the sands of Lido di Pietragrande. The event is organized, as every year, by Professors Andrea and Emanuele Smiraglio Biafora with the collaboration of the timekeepers of the FIC (the Italian Timekeepers Federation) section of Catanzaro, Umberto Conforti, Richard Elia and Gilda Russian. Yesterday morning, the traditional water polo tournament with the participation of six teams that met in the camp set up in the water in front of the Lido Pietragrande. The final, played between the teams of ”The Cliff’ and ”The Nameless', has dominated the team for Cliff 4 – 2. This morning, starting at 10,30, The second day of the event with the swimming events and the spectacular performances of the divers who will compete with launches from the rock symbol of the beach resort. He waited for the stunts Marco Fois, Italian champion and author of the usual New Year's plunge into the Tiber from Ponte Cavour. A permanent presence, to that of Marco Fois ”Memorial’, testimony to the great friendship and affection that binds the diver to Monica and family Aversa. To 19 about, finally, at the disco “Privilege” Pietragrande, the awards ceremony with the presentation of trophies and medals to all participants and assignment scope “Trophy of the sea Monica Aversa”. The teams that have participated in water polo tournament were composed of: SOUL SEA PIETRAGRANDE – Mark Scardamaglia, Giammaria Molicchio, Frederick Gironde, Paul Friend, Davide Madeo, Richard Ricchiello. THE CLIFF – Umberto Frangipane, Apa giammaria, Mark Bisconti, David Fabiano, Paolo Atzeni, Alessandro Raimondi, Giampiero Rabbit. SOVERATO SOUL – Bruno Sinopoli, Anthony Sabatino, Evan Cardamone, Piero MArincolo, Domenico Carello, Eugenio Daniele. THOUSAND SUNNY – Vincenzo Di Pietro, Richard Screnci, Alessio Corosaniti, Federico Varano, Great Mariachiara. DESIGNATED – Vincenzo Apothecaries, Simone Vottari, Julius Pirrone, David Fabiano, Antonio Arnò. LE SPUGNE. Philip Brogione, Frederick Bonaccorso, Ottavio Porto, Stefano Aversa, Francesco Lembo, Francesco Cosentino.
Francesco Iuliano
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