The story

Pietragrande nasce da un’intuizione pura.
In an Easter Monday in the early 60s, i fratelli Aversa, via the old road to Copanello, noticed this beautiful stretch of beach particularly crowded even though it was completely devoid of any accommodation.
So it was that Andrew Aversa had the idea to raise, in that enchanted place, un lido.

In 1965 he built the first cabin on the beach set to expand and become, also as a result of the frequent storms that, to erode gradually over the sandy surface, sometimes, had a force so destructive as to require a complete reconstruction.

In time, in addition to the main activity, the bathhouse, the resort has become known for the restaurant business and for evening entertainment.

The local historian, over the years has hosted major events, stars on the international level, including Raffaella Carra, Sandy Show, Dalidà, Roki Roberts, Patty Pravo, Fabrizio De Andrè, Gino Paoli, Mia Martini, Loredana Berte and, for an entire season, Toto Cotugno, with his group then "Toto and Tati," was a regular guest on the nights of Pietragrande. There were the years of the important characters of Radio Dj, come Gerry Scotty, Linus, Albertino, Mila, Kay Rush, Fiorello, guest twice, then the hijackers on Cuba, Marina Rey, Angelo Branduardi, Several Gemini and many others.

In the years of disco, Pietragrande has marked the history.

There is no one you can not remember the legendary Inaugurations, the Parties and white, at the end of the season, Farewell to summer with the traditional bonfire on the beach.

There have been times of “Caligula” and, subsequently, of “Cliff Pietragrande”, the “Babylon”, “Privilege” and this year we return to the glories of the “Caligula”, with the promise of other special nights that will help keep Pietragrande into the hearts of the people of the night.

And the story continues…